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Discover APIs, SDKs, code samples, programming guides, and other developer resources for vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator, and vRealize Cloud Client. Begin the journey to DevOps by automating the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure, and accelerate application deployment and releases. Leverage the extensibility capabilities of vRealize Automation to integrate your existing tools and infrastructure and offer additional IT services to your lines of business.

Core Capabilities

Advanced Service Designer

Design and manage anything-as-a-service (XaaS) elements such as forms, endpoints, XaaS blueprints, tenants, vRealize Orchestrator imports, workflows, and work items. Create XaaS Custom Resources, Blueprints, Resource Mappings and Actions.


IP Address Management (IPAM)

The IP address management (IPAM) service provides tenanted IPAM operations (static IP management) through registered IPAM providers. It allows retrieval of available IP address ranges for a single IPAM provider. With the IPAM Service API, you...

Orchestration Gateway

Provides a gateway to VMware Realize Orchestrator (vRO) for services running on vRealize Automation. By using the gateway, consumers of the API can access a vRO instance, and initiate workflows or script actions without having to deal directly...

Catalog Service Management

Retrieve global and entitled catalog items, and entitlements for a catalog item and its service that the current user can review. A consumer can retrieve, edit, and submit a request form for a catalog item. A provider can retrieve, register,...

Code Samples

vCenter Roles

Contributed By rnelson0

vCenter-roles Import pre-defined roles for common applications to access vCenter. The privileges for each role are stored in a JSON-format file as a list of privilege Ids (Get-VIPrivilege | Select Id) ...

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VMware Tools Versions.zip

Contributed By brockpeterson

This dashboard was created on vROps 8.0 and is designed to show VMware Tools Versions.  It contains a single View.   1.  Download the dashboard (VMware Tools Versions.zip)  2.  Unzip the VMware Tools ...

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