VMware Cloud Provider™ Hub


What's New

Initial Release — This is the first release of the new VMware Cloud Services CLI.

The VMware Cloud Services CLI is a command-line utility that provides verb-based access with a unified interface

Highlights include:

  • Create and Manage Cloud Assembly discovered and created objects such as network devices, storage devices, compute instances and more.
  • Create, Manage and Deploy Cloud Assembly blueprints, including pre-stage plans and version management.
  • Create and Manage Cloud Assembly constructs like cloud zones, image and flavor profiles.
  • Create and Manage cross-service constructs like Project and Cloud Accounts.
  • Manage Deployment objects
  • Execute Code Stream pipelines
  • Import and Export Code Stream Pipelines and Cloud Assembly Blueprints
  • Manage CLI Telemetry settings


To run the VMware Cloud Services CLI, download the ZIP file and extract the vcs binary appropriate for your operating system

  • To use Darwin/Linux binaries with auto completion feature, please make sure to have bash completion installed on your system.
  • Windows completion:
  • When exiting the shell, Ctrl-D is the only way to exit the auto completion prompt in Windows. Use these keys to exit as needed.
  • For an optimal user experience, use PowerShell. If using any other terminal, change the background to a color such as Dark Blue, Gray, or Black, to make it more compatible with the auto-completion color.

Known Issues

  • CLI does not accept spaces in string values
  • When you are using the CLI in interactive mode on Windows, string flag values with spaces are not accepted.
  • Workaround: In place of spaces, use a double-underscore notation.. For example, to describe a blueprint with name Single Machine use the following command with flag values as shown:
  • vcs cloud-assembly blueprint describe --blueprint "Single__Machine" OR 
  • vcs cloud-assembly blueprint describe --blueprint 'Single__Machine' OR 
  • vcs cloud-assembly blueprint describe --blueprint Single__Machine

Documentation and Reference