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VMware Integration Validation (VIVa) is a cloud service used by VMware partners to certify or validate their software and hardware solutions for integration with VMware technologies. VIVa provides a seamless user experience, from running certification test suites, to automatically validating test results, to listing certified products on the VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG).

VIVa vs. VMware Workbench

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIVa?

VMware Integration Validation (VIVa) is a cloud service used to certify or validate hardware and software solutions for integration with VMware technologies.

What are the prerequisites for using VIVa?

You must be subscribed to one or more of Ecosystem Services certification programs available and have a MY VMware account.

Which certification programs are supported in VIVa?

The following programs are available on VIVa: Server, NSX-T, PKS Enterprise, Application Software validation, IOVP (Early Access), Storage (Early Access), CIMPAT (Early Access), vSphere Client Plug-in (Early Access), vSGA (Early Access), Shared Pass-Through (Early Access), Partner Supported Signing (Early Access).

Which other certification programs will be supported in VIVa?

VASA, VAIO, KMS, vSAN Ready Node, VMware vRealize Operations, Custom Image, Addon, Daemon Management, SRA, and other Server and IOVP certifications.

Will vSphere 7.0 certifications be supported in VMware Workbench?

No. vSphere 7.0 certifications will only be supported in VIVa

Will certifications based on vSphere releases earlier than 7.0 be supported in VIVa?

Unfortunately, most of the tests for vSphere 6.7 and lower are based on test frameworks that are incompatible with VIVa, which prevents us from making vSphere 6.7 and lower certifications available in VIVa. The exception is Server certifications which are currently supported in VIVa for vSphere 6.5 and 6.7

Will VMware Workbench remain available?

VMware Workbench will remain available for existing certification programs and SDKs. vSphere 7.0 and higher certifications will only be available on VIVa.

Where can I find the VIVa documentation and the Certification Guides?

The VIVa User Guide and VIVa release notes are available under the VIVa 'Help' menu. The Certification Guides and certification release notes are available under the 'Documentation' dropdown menu on the top right-hand side once you have created a session for a specific certification type.

Can I file support requests in VIVa?

You can file support cases directly from VIVa; you dont need to open an SR. In the case of a failed test, click the bug icon in the 'Actions' column in the 'Test Execution' tab. For other support issues, select the 'Help | Support Center' menu and click 'New case'.

Can I submit certification test results in VIVa?

Yes. The submission process is fully integrated in VIVa; you dont need to open an SR.

How is payment processed in VIVa?

During the submission process, you will be prompted to enter a valid license key, but you still need to purchase certification SKUs (also known as 'License keys') on the VMware Store.

What is the VIVa pricing model?

The pricing for certifications remains unchanged. Support fees have been temporarily waived for VIVa users.

Can equivalency and compatibility requests be submitted in VIVa?

No. To submit an equivalency or a compatibility request, you must still open an SR.


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VMware Integration Validation (VIVa) 1.0     Launch

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