vSphere Management SDK


The VMware vSphere Management SDK is a bundle that contains a set of VMware vSphere software development kits: vSphere Web Services SDK, vSphere Storage Policy SDK, vSphere Storage Management SDK, vSphere ESX Agent Manager SDK, and SSO Client SDK. The SDKs provide all the documentation, libraries, and code examples needed for developers to rapidly build solutions integrated with the industry's leading virtualization platform.

For accessing features from the vSphere REST APIs, please refer to the vSphere Automation SDKs.


The vSphere Management SDK is available in two forms: as a zip file for Windows, and a tarball for Linux. If you are using Visual Studio with C#, you can download the zip file for Windows. If you are using the Eclipse IDE with Java, you can download the tarball for Linux.


Name Version Size      
vSphere Management SDK 7.0     Download
vSphere Management SDK 70U1     Download
vSphere Management SDK 70U2     Download

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