vSAN Management SDK for .NET

vSAN Management SDK for vSphere 7.0

The VMware vSAN SDK for .NET is an extension of the VMware vSphere Management SDK. It includes documentation, libraries and code examples needed for developers to rapidly build solutions integrated into vSAN, or for administrators to automate all aspects of install, setup, lifecycle, monitoring, or troubleshooting of vSAN. VMware vSAN management is integrated with vSphere management, e.g. vSAN is configured on vCenter clusters. As such, the vSAN SDK is not an independent SDK, but instead extends the vSphere Management SDK. For example, many vSAN APIs will require the user to pass in references to vSphere Cluster Managed Objects obtained through the vSphere Management SDK.

What is Included in the vSAN SDK

The VMware vSAN SDK for .NET includes vSphere Management SDK language bindings for C#, as well as library files and basic sample codes. The samples and libraries explain how the vSphere Management SDK can be leveraged and extended to also cover vSAN management needs.

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