vRealize Automation SDK 7.0

The vRealize Automation API provides a RESTful interface for integrating with vRealize Automation from an external application such as a self-service portal or continuous integration tools.

The Java SDK provides native Java bindings for the convenience of developers writing vRealize Automation integrations from Java applications. The SDK provides full coverage of the REST API.

Features and Benefits

  • Submit catalog requests
  • View and manage provisioned resources
  • Complete inbox tasks such as approvals
  • Integration with SSO with bearer token-based authentication
  • Support for role-based access and entitlements
  • Equivalent behavior to operations performed in the vRealize Automation UI, including managing users and groups, reservations, the service catalog, and so on


Refer to the vRealize Automation Programming Guide for information about working with the REST API and Java SDK, as well as scenario-based documentation for the following common use cases:

  • Browse the catalog and request a deployment
  • Approve a catalog request
  • View your provisioned resources
  • Perform Day 2 operations
  • Create a tenant 
  • Manage reservations
  • Import and export blueprints, software components, property groups, property definitions, and XaaS (formerly Advanced Service Designer) content 

The vRealize Automation SDK Documentation (Javadoc) provides detailed information about the supported methods.


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vRealize Automation SDK 7.0 [3292778]     Download

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