VMware vSockets SDK for vSphere 6.7

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The vSockets library provides a communications API similar to Berkeley UNIX sockets and Windows sockets. You can program vSockets using C or C++. The vSockets header file is installed with VMware Tools on guest virtual machines.

Zip File
If you are using a different IDE than Workbench IS, or simply wish to do command line development, please download and expand the zip file version of the SDK.
Workbench IS
The Workbench IS version of the SDK has the same contents as the zip file version, but adds IDE features such as command completion, graphical debugging, and new project wizards. To use the Workbench IS version:
 - Download and install Workbench IS
 - Use the Workbench Dashboard to download and install the SDK or download the update site version of the SKD and perform manual installation.

Documentation and Reference