vSphere Web Client SDK


The VMware vSphere Web Client SDK 6.7 provides libraries, sample plug-ins, documentation and various SDK tools to help you develop and build user interface extensions to the vSphere Web Client. You can use the vSphere Web Client to connect to vCenter Server instances by using a Web browser, so that you can manage your vSphere infrastructure.

The SDK provides all the tools, libraries, and plug-in samples needed for developers to get started and build advanced solutions integrated with the vSphere Web Client. The vSphere Web Client SDK 6.7 consists of the following components:

  • Libraries for server and user interface development
  • Documentation about setting up your development environment, building Flex plug-ins, and troubleshooting information
  • SDK API reference documentation
  • Sample Flex plug-ins
  • Various SDK tools

Note : The vSphere Web Client SDK is deprecated, and the vSphere 6.7 generation of releases are the final releases for the vSphere Web Client SDK and Programming Guide. The vSphere Web Client SDK Programming Guide has not been updated since vSphere 6.5 Update 1. The vSphere Web Client 6.7 SDK will be the final supported version, and certification for plugins written with version 6.7 of this SDK will continue to be valid. Develop your plugin with the vSphere Client 6.7 SDK and Programming Guide. 

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