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VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, the Industry leading SD-WAN solution, is built on API and is Automation Ready. It enables seamless integrations, programmatic control of network behavior, simplified workflows and easy delivery of managed services.

Get started with the automation using the developer guide, APIs, sample programs, forums and other developer resources provided.

Code Samples

Refresh Application Maps using the VCO API - Python

Contributed By wroever

Sample demonstrating how to update Application Map IP/port mappings for select applications to ensure they are consistent with the latest authoritative mappings maintained by application providers (e. ...

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Enterprise User - Get all VMware SD-WAN VCGs per Edge association

Contributed By vfrancadesou

This python script is a simple example of how to gather all VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN gateways (primary, secondary, super and alternative super) associated with each VMware SD-WAN edge provisioned in th ...

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