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VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, the Industry leading SD-WAN solution, is built on API and is Automation Ready. It enables seamless integrations, programmatic control of network behavior, simplified workflows and easy delivery of managed services.

Get started with the automation using the developer guide, APIs, sample programs, forums and other developer resources provided.

Code Samples

Configure a Handoff Gateway on an Edge or Profile - Python

Contributed By wroever

Sample demonstrating how to configure a Handoff Gateway on an Edge. Based on the reference Python client here. This script assumes a Python 3 installation.

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VMware SD-WAN By VeloCloud AWS CloudFormation Template - Green Field

Contributed By wight

See "AWS Virtual Edge Deployment Guide" for overview and usage. While this template will activate a Virtual Edge the simplicity of the topology will not accommodate all environments. It is up to the i ...

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