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VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, the Industry leading SD-WAN solution, is built on API and is Automation Ready. It enables seamless integrations, programmatic control of network behavior, simplified workflows and easy delivery of managed services.

Get started with the automation using the developer guide, APIs, sample programs, forums and other developer resources provided.

Code Samples

Fetch configuration change events and return change details

Contributed By lhoffer

Written in Python3.  As written will fetch configuration change ("Profile Updated") events within the preceding 24 hours and print the time of the change, user that made the change, impacted edge/prof ...

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VeloCloud edge upgrade script

Contributed By gumanafrias

A Python script showcasing how to perform VeloCloud Edge upgrades via the VCO API.  Written in Python 2.7, but should be easily adaptable to Python 3. It is based upon the script here.

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