vRealize CloudClient 3.4.1

vRealize CloudClient is a command-line utility that provides verb-based access with a unified interface across vRealize Automation APIs.

Use Case Highlights

  • Browse the catalog and submit a request
  • Approve a catalog request
  • Manage provisioned machines
  • Create tenants and groups
  • Configure IaaS, including endpoints, data collection, and reservations
  • Manage catalog services and entitlements
  • Import and export blueprints and other content to human-readable format
  • Submit authenticated vRealize Automation API calls from the command line
  • Automate updates to VM reservations following SRM failover
  • Execute vRealize Orchestrator workflows

Features and Benefits

  • Standardized command-line interface that remains stable as underlying APIs evolve
  • Auto login for scripting (password and keyfiles)
  • JSON, CSV, and tabular formatting
  • File export
  • Sample scripts to demonstrate common scenarios
  • Plugin model enables extensibility to additional use cases

What's New in 3.4

vRealize CloudClient 3.4 introduces the following enhancements:

  • Many improvements have been made for submitting ASD requests through CloudClient (whether for catalog items or resource actions), including handling of default values and providing feedback about required or read-only values.
  • Support for Site Recovery Manager 6. For compatibility with Site Recovery Manager 5.8, continue to use CloudClient 3.3.1.

For additional details, refer to the release notes.


For information about CloudClient compatibility with VMware products, refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.

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