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VMware Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture (VVDCPA) Program


The VMware Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture Program provides the tools and resources needed to deliver SDDC Architectures based on VMware Validated Designs and best practices.  Please note that this is a standalone program.


Deliver the Right Architecture for the Software-Defined Data Center

The VMware Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture Program provides the tools, resources, knowledge, and support to deliver integrated solutions that help customers achieve successful IT outcomes and accelerate SDDC adoption. VMware experts will certify that the SDDC architectures made by partners and powered by technologies from VMware (software-defined compute, network, storage and management) incorporate SDDC in a consistent manner with VMware guidelines. Through the program, VMware complements our ecosystem partners with Validated Designs, best practices, SDDC technologies, and technical support.

What is a VMware Validated Design?

VMware Validated Design is a new initiative that will provide clear and prescriptive guidance on how to deliver successful IT Outcomes for customers. VMware Validated Designs are architectures & designs created and validated by VMware experts and encompass the entire set of VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center products. The designs are developed with an emphasis of delivering customer scenarios and outcomes that are validated through the Quality Engineering (QE) process.  

This ensures the delivered designs come with "VMware QE tested and approved" stamp of approval. Over time, the aim is to improve the overall quality and time to value of Partner and Customer driven SDDC deployments.

Key Benefits

The VMware Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture Program offering includes:

  • Access to the VMware Validated Designs and to VMware best practices libraries
  • Dedicated support during the certification process 


  • Architecture Design questionnaire and VMware Architects review
  • Partner Architectures that pass the certification will be listed in VMware Comparability Guide (VCG) and can apply for the "VMware Ready Certified Partner Architecture" Logo.


  • Pre Partner Architecture GA - Development and Engineering Support: Dedicated private projects for partner on DCPN (Developer Center Partner Network Portal). Partners report issues and get design and technical Support over DCPN. Architectural reviews by VMware architects.
  • Post Partner GA - customers: VMware/Partner joint Customer Support for 3rd-party products (GSS)

Future Releases

Membership in this program when renewed, entitle partners to access VMware Validated Designs, development and certification kit refreshes for the duration of their participation in the program. Additionally, the program may allow for access to early versions of VMware BOM for the purpose of developing and testing.

VMware Product Training

For VMware product training for partners, review  the "Solution Competencies"  

Partner Solution Competencies focus on developing selling skills, architecture proficiency and deployment expertise to help drive success. 

Program Requirements

Partners that would like to certify their SDDC architecture that is based on the VMware Validated Designs can join the certification program. This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • Maintaining TAP membership enrollment is a pre-requisite for technology partners to be considered for access to this program.
  • Maintaining membership in the Master Services Partner Program (Solution Providers)
  • Adherence to training and product support requirements as documented in the program guide
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal
  • General support on VMware vSphere features and other VMware GA components purchased separately under Business Critical Support (BCS) agreement:


VMware Ready Status: Eligible for VMware Ready Logo

VMware Ready Category: Certified Partner Architecture