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How to join a program

VMware offers a wide range of Programs to facilitate the enablement of our Partners' hardware and software products on the VMware platform, as well as differentiated and customized solutions. Additionally, VMware provides development support, training, and other types of services to accelerate our Partners' success.  

Step 1: Finding the right program for you

Understanding what solutions you are trying to create, what similar solutions have been certified and listed by other Partners, and which VMware products you are developing to are the first steps in discovering the right program to meet your needs. 

Step 2: Understanding the Program requirements

Once you have identified the programs you are interested in the next step is to understand the requirements for participation. Most of our programs require an active membership in VMware's Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. The TAP Program includes additional benefits and has its own membership requirements. First check which level of TAP Program membership is required for the program you are interested and then check the TAP Program Requirements  for more information.

Before applying for the TAP Program make sure you have identified a suitable program and include that information in your application.

Step 3: Apply for a program

Some of our programs require membership fees, most require you to sign an agreement, but the first step is to apply. To start your program onboarding process, please complete and submit our onboarding form and begin your relationship with VMware.

We look forward to working with you!

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