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Develop, Deploy and Manage Modern Applications

The VMware Cloud-Native Apps provides products and services for developing, deploying and managing containerized applications with efficiency, security and superior performance. It offers developers with container and Kubernetes to expedite application development process and at the same time helps operators manage containerized application in production.

Products and Services

vSphere Integrated Containers

vSphere Integrated Containers provide the infrastructure that IT needs to run traditional and containerized applications side-by-side on a common platform.

VMware Essential PKS

VMware Essential PKS is a highly open and modular approach for organizations that want to build on upstream Kubernetes with the backing of proactive support.

VMware Enterprise PKS

VMware Enterprise PKS is a turnkey product of tightly integrated and validated technologies for organizations that want to quickly deploy and easily manage production-grade Kubernetes.

VMware Cloud PKS

VMware Cloud PKS is a Kubernetes-as-a-service offering for organizations that want immediate access to clusters without any management or maintenance required.

Key Use Cases


Kubernetes as a Service on Public Cloud

With VMware Cloud PKS, developers can consume Kubernetes as a service on public cloud, while letting VMware take care of all the underlying infrastructure needs.

Application Modernization

VMware cloud-native portfolio of products provides developers with the platforms and tools they need for applicaton modernization wherever they need them, whenever they need them, and however they want to consume them.

Container and Kubernetes on vSphere

With VIC and PKS, developers can use their familiar Docker or Kuberentes APIs for app development on private cloud within enterprise datacenters while letting IT manage container workloads with VMware SDDC tools.


Microservices-based applications require frameworks that are scalable, highly available and self-healing. Develop microservices-based cloud-native apps on Kubernetes platforms offered by VMware for increasing scalability, flexibility and security.

Code Samples

XaaS blueprint to deploy a Virtual Container Host on vSphere

Contributed By simonemorellato

XaaS blueprint in vRealize Automation to create a fast self-service offering of Virtual Container Hosts. For the list of steps and tutorial please take a look at this blog post:  https://blogs.vmware. ...

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Contributed By AlisterLB

An bash autocompletion script for the VMware Kubernetes Engine CLI. Usage Source from your runcom file (.bash_profile, ,bashrc, etc.) or source it from your current shell. sourc ...

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