Core Capability: Service Monitoring


Service Monitoring Overview

Whenever an app makes a network call, Apteligent monitors and captures certain information, such as the service name, device type, device OS and OS version, app version, location information, and endpoint URI (available only on a paid subscription plan).

Note: Location information allows visibility into a user’s geographic location, which can help with quantifying the number of app users within a geographic region, or with contexualizing a certain issue based on location (e.g. outages). By default, location information is determined by performing a reverse Geo lookup on the IP address of the device. The IP address is immediately thrown-away and not stored on our platform. Optionally, for more granular and detailed location information, the SDK provides an API to send latitude & longitude coordinates for the device.

For HTTP calls (such as REST apps), Apteligent monitors and captures the following information:

  • HTTP status codes to help determine whether a call succeeded or failed
  • Latency (elapsed time between request and response received)
  • Amount of data received in the response