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VMware SDK and API Support for Technology Partners


VMware Ecosystem Services Development Support service for partners now extends to publicly available SDKs and APIs from VMware. The offering provides access to the same expert engineers who have been supporting our partners for over a decade on various gated SDKs and APIs in order to get your solutions to market quickly. These professionals have years of experience working with third-party solutions and possess in-depth knowledge of VMware SDKs and APIs.

  • Access experienced VMware SDK/API engineers to help streamline your application and script development and testing and get to market faster.
  • Take advantage of expert assistance to guide your development process, including sanity checks, best practice recommendations, and work-around suggestions.
  • Avoid exposing your proprietary code in public forums by interacting with knowledgeable VMware engineers in confidence.


SDK Support will help you answer questions such as the following:

  • Can I do this task with an SDK?
  • How do I do it?
  • I tried it, and it's not working. Did I do it correctly?
  • It doesn't perform like it is supposed to. Is this a bug?
  • Why are my scripts not working in the new release of vSphere?



This support offering provides partner developers with best practices for developing solutions created using VMware SDKs and APIs for productization, certification and deployment in VMware’s customer environments. This service is for partners currently in development phase of their solution or product.

Service includes:

  • Design Advice - Guidance in the choice of approach and selection of supported methods that best meet the goals of your use case.
  • Code snippet review and advice - Guidance based on review of standalone code snippets for the purpose of insuring proper use of supported APIs.
  • Problem diagnosis - Assistance with isolating a reported problem for the purposes of determining if the issue is with customer code or the supported API.
  • Bugs report- Interacting with product team to find resolution for a problem discovered with a supported SDK or API.


Service does not include:

  • Production issues
  • End-to-end debugging
  • Development or testing of product/solution
  • Third party products used during development (e.g. IDE)


Supported Public SDKs and APIs

Horizon View Session Enhancement SDK vRealize Automation Example Third-Party IPAM Package
NSX for vSphere REST API (except NetX / EpSec SDKs)  vRealize Automation SDK
PowerCLI for View vRealize Code Stream
PyvMomi vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in SDK
RDP VC Bridge SDK vSAN Management SDK for .NET
ThinApp SDK vSAN Management SDK for Java
vCloud SDK vSAN Management SDK for Perl
vCloud SDK for .Net vSAN Management SDK for Python
vCloud SDK for Java vSAN Management SDK for Ruby
vCloud SDK for PHP vSphere Automation SDK for .Net
vCloud Suite SDK for Ruby vSphere Automation SDK for Java
Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) vSphere Automation SDK for Perl
VMware HTML Console SDK vSphere Automation SDK for Python
VMware NSX-T for Java vSphere Automation SDK for REST
VMware NSX-T for Python vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby
VMware vSockets SDK vSphere Client SDK
  vSphere Guest SDK
  vSphere Management SDK
  vSphere Perl SDK