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vRA Blueprint Cert Program

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Welcome to VMware vRealize Automation Blueprint Certification Program

This is a standalone program.  TAP membership is a prerequisite to gain access to the program's certification materials.

The VMware vRealize Automation Certification Program enables our partners to certify Partner created blueprints for use with vRealize Automation. VMware vRealize® Automation ™ provides a secure portal where authorized administrators, developers or business users can request new IT services and manage specific cloud and IT resources, while ensuring compliance with business policies. Requests for IT service, including infrastructure, applications, desktops, and many others, are processed through a common service catalog to provide a consistent user experience despite underlying heterogeneous infrastructure. This program certifies blueprints for use in vRealize Automation.



PROGRAM OVERVIEW                                                    

Blueprints are an important entity with vRealize Automation (vRA).  They define how to provision and manage the lifecycle of resources in vRA and can be considered the specification of the resources that should be deployed.  As a specification, they describe a virtual machine that can be deployed on infrastructure consisting of different hypervisors.  Blueprints provide vRA users the ability to actualize virtual machines and applications.  Each unique blueprint embodies unique topology, with dependencies and content that has to be validated for such aspects.  The program provides blueprint certification that validates the steps and guidelines that can be used to assure customers that blueprints can function before they are deployed.

The program does not provide development support for blueprint creation by partners.  It only provides certification for partner blueprints.



Qualified partners will have Program access for free certification for partner blueprints.


The program includes access to vRA blueprint certification.  The vRA blueprint certification is an automated certification using VMware's Learning Platform cloud environment.   This enables partners to run certification tests in a VMware pre-configured and ready-to-use certification test bed in the cloud. The test bed is set up with vRealize Automation, vCenter, ESXi and certification tools that are pre-configured to run the certification tests.   Partners will upload their solution to the environment, configure their solution and perform automated tests on their solution in the cloud.

Partners submit requests for certification via a private development project on Developer Center Partner Network (DCPN), a web-based, secure collaboration tool used by the VMware Ecosystem Services team.

VMware Ready™ Logo 

Upon successful certification, the partner should add a listing for their blueprint in the VMware Solutions Exchange Marketplace.  Certified blueprints will receive the VMware Ready™ logo in their listing.  

Program Communication

Ongoing program communications pertaining to updated certification kit and milestones.



This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • Maintaining TAP membership enrollment is a pre-requisite to be considered for access to this program and certification.
  • VMware legal agreement acceptance
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the program guide
  • Publish certification blueprints on VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) Marketplace


VMware Ready Status:  Eligible

VMware Ready Category:  Management & Orchestration

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