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Storage Packages Overview

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The Storage category is open to qualified TAP Elite partners interested in building and certifying storage devices for vSphere, and is primarily targeted at Storage vendors. Typically, partners begin by certifying their hardware for compatibility and then move to certifying advanced integrated solutions with vSphere, such as disaster recovery, multipathing, offload capabilities, storage management.

The storage devices created and certified, can be released asynchronously by VMware and partners.  The SDDC program allows partners to develop and certify their plugins and storage devices in a timely fashion, new or update existing ones based on availability of new APIs and new versions of VMware products. Associated devices can be flagged to be VMware Ready in the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) and added to VMware's Compatibility Guide.

VMware provides a rich set of public APIs for integrating cutting edge storage partner technologies. VMware continues to drive the vision of End-to-end Policy-based Management, and over the years has added a number of APIs for partners to integrate their innovative storage solutions running on storage arrays/appliance, as well as hypervisor services.

This page aims to provide a "big picture" perspective of the various storage packages. In particular, the goal is to enable partners to understand the building blocks for integration, and make appropriate selection of available features for integration and VMware certification. 

As shown in the Storage Packages Map, VMware's Storage Packages can be broadly classified into three categories:

1.    Storage Platform Integration

2.    Storage Management Services

3.    Hypervisor-based Storage Services

Storage Packages Map

A high-level description of each of the categories and the corresponding packages is given here. For details on each packages, please follow the corresponding links.

Storage Packages

Storage Management Services

Hypervisor-Based Storage Services

Storage Platform Integration