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Storage Hardware Certification Package

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The Storage Hardware Certification Package is now available as part of SDDC Foundation and SDDC Integration Program. It enables storage partners to engage with VMware to certify their products with VMware vSphere including VAAI Block Devices and to ensure customers of jointly certified and supported hardware solutions.

Package Overview

The Storage Hardware Certification includes VAAI Block certification and  provides tools and development resources designed to enable TAP partners to get their storage hardware devices tested against vSphere and obtain official VMware certification and support. Upon successful completion of certification, the products will be listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide. Partners will be provided with a VMware ReadyTM logo, which can be used in their marketing and sales efforts of the certified products.
As a member of SDDC Program you'll be provided with up to date product communications on VMware vSphere release dates, certification policies, and product features.
The Storage Hardware Certification as part of the SDDC Program is an umbrella of generic compatibility level test suites bundled as certification programs based on supported protocol and technology. Storage vendors can choose the appropriate certification programs based on their device interfaces. 
Special Note: VMware no longer supporting Storage Hardware Certification for ESX 4.x, 5.x and 6.0

Development Resources

  • Access to the T10 standards-based VAAI specification for partner disk array firmware development
  • Storage Certification Guide
  • Storage Certification Policy
  • VAAI Block Certification Policy
  • Common Certification Tools
  • Reference Guide

Product Versions Supported

This package supports the following product versions:


 6.5, 6.7, 7.0

Target Audience

  • Storage Partners

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

Partners who participate in the SDDC program provide the following team members:

A program manager that acts as the primary point of contact on behalf of their team, and who acts as the lead for planning and issue prioritization with VMware.

A partner engineering manager and/or technical lead that is the primary point of contact for the partner's engineering team, reviews all VMware support requests submitted by the partner's engineering team, provides an interface to the partner's QE organization, and attends all status calls and live debugging sessions with VMware.

A partner technical support contact that manages the support relationship with VMware, owns and serves as a single point of contact for all support-related activities, including escalations and management of the TSANet membership, and ensures overall support readiness and training of the partner's support organization.

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