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vSphere Client/ vSphere Web Client Plug-in Certification Program

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Welcome to VMware vSphere Client/ vSphere Web Client Plug-in Certification Program

The VMware vSphere Client/ vSphere Web Client Plug-in Package enables our partners to certify their vSphere Client plug-ins.  These plug-ins connect to vCenter Server instances by using a Web browser allowing users to manage their vSphere infrastructure.

This package falls under the SDDC Integration umbrella. Maintaining membership in SDDC Integration is a pre-requisite to gain access to the vSphere Client/vSphere Web Client Certification Program materials.

Package Overview

Partners develop their plug-ins using the public vSphere Client / vSphere Web Client SDK which provides libraries, sample plug-ins, documentation (including best practices) and various SDK tools to help you develop and build user interface extensions to the vSphere Client/ Web Client.

VMware recommends that partners use the vSphere Client/ vSphere Web Client SDK 7.0 which contains improvements  and important changes to the APIs. For more details about the SDK please refer to the vSphere Client SDK page under SDKs on

Key Benefits

Program access includes the tools and resources needed during certification and release.  Once certified partners can use the VMware Ready logo and will be posted to the VCG.

  • Certification

The program includes access to the program's Certification Kit, which allows partners to test the reliability and stability of the integration. VMware verifies the test results and provides support for the partner during the certification process.

  •  VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) posting

Upon successful certification, the partner works with Ecosystem Engineering to update the VMware Compatibility Guide entry on Once the partner's products are certified under the terms of the program, the partner may use the VMware Ready™ logo in product collateral.

  • Program communication

Ongoing program communications pertaining to updated development kit and milestones, as well as updated releases of the Public SDK and gated certification suite.

Package Requirements

This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • Maintaining membership in the TAP Program
  • VMware legal agreement signature(s)
  • Participation in the program requires the end result to be a Successful certification and posting of the corresponding Plug-in on the VMware Compatibility Guide on
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the program guide
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal


Product Versions Supported

This package supports the following product versions:


6.5, 6.7, 7.x


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VMware Ready Category

Management and Orchestration

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