vRealize Operations Program

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Welcome to VMware vRealize Operations Program

The VMware vRealize Operations Program enables our partners to develop vRealize Operations Management Packs using vRealize Operations APIs and SDK. vRealize Operations provides the operations dashboards, performance analytics and capacity optimization capabilities needed to gain comprehensive visibility, proactively ensure service levels, and manage capacity in dynamic virtual and cloud environments.

Program Overview

vRealize Operations Management Packs extends vRealize Operations Manager capabilities to adjacent technology domain such as storage, network, compute, or application. vRealize Operations Management Packs include as a minimum the following components:

  • Adapter – one of more Java files implementing vRealize Operations Management APIs and providing the data pipe for time series data in events.
  • Pre-built dashboards – set of user interface definition files that we built by configuring vRealize Operations Management widgets around the domain specific information
  • Domain specific knowledge – set of use cases data and events that are identified by VMware and the partner as the key information that can help customers optimize their operations environment.
  • EULA – Partner provided usage agreement
  • Self installing package - used by customers to apply the solutions component to their vRealize Operations installation.
  • Solutions documentation – Partner provided solutions description and user guide.

Key Benefits

Program access includes the tools and resources needed during development, certification and release.

  • Development Consulting Portal

If entitled via the optional Development Consulting Service, partners submit requests for development assistance via a private development project on Developer Center Partner Network (DCPN), a web-based, secure collaboration tool used by the VMware Ecosystem Engineering team.

  • Development Consulting Support
  • Private design workshop
  • VMware reviews of partner development during partner PDLC
  • Access to the Development Kits
  • Training videos
  • Sample code

Partners receive access to the gated, private vRealize Operations SDKs.

  • Certification

The program includes access to the program's Certification Kit, which allows partners to test the reliability and stability of the integration. VMware verifies the test results and provides support for the partner during the certification process.

  • VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) posting

Upon successful certification, the partner works with Ecosystem Engineering to update the VMware Compatibility Guide entry on vmware.com. Once the partner's products are certified under the terms of the program, the partner may use the VMware Ready™ logo in product collateral.

  • Program communication

Ongoing program communications pertaining to updated development kit and milestones, as well as updated releases of the SDK.

Program Requirements

This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • TAP Elite or Global status
  • VMware legal agreement signature(s)
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the program guide
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal
  • Additional vetting for use case and business case