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I/O Vendor Partner Package

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Target Audience

The I/O Vendor Partner package (IOVP) is targeted at qualified partners interested in building and certifying devices and drivers for ESXi, and is targeted at IHVs (Independent Hardware Vendors) who manufacture network and storage host bus adapters.

Package Overview

The I/O Vendor Partner package (IOVP) offers members a comprehensive set of tools and resources needed to develop, certify and release I/O device drivers for network and storage host bus adapters. Although the  IOVP package is part of the SDDC Integration Program (, admission to IOVP is subject to VMware approval.  Applicants must submit information about their company and solutions using the IOVP questionnaire in order to be considered. Application is limited to network and storage host bus adapter manufacturers (IHVs) and server OEMs.

Package Benefits

Package access includes the tools and resources needed for development and release of I/O device drivers.
  • VMware's Advanced Developer Portal
The Developer Portal is a web-based collaboration tool used by the VMware Ecosystem Services team and provides access to all program entitlements and materials.
  • Optional fee-based Development Consulting Service
This optional service provides Partners with access to Development Consulting to assist them through the entire development process. Partners can submit requests for development assistance via a private development project on the Developer Portal.
  • Access to the ESX Device Driver Kit
IOVP partners have access to the Native Driver Device Kit (NDDK) including a build environment, sample drivers,  debugging toolset and documentation.
  • Access to the Device/Driver Certification Kit
This package includes access to the IOVP Certification Kit, which allows partners to self-certify their devices with their driver, and submit certification results to VMware for digital signing of their driver.  Partners can list their driver and devices in the VMware Compatibility Guide, and VMware will host the driver on for downloading.  Certified devices will also be eligible for the VMware Ready™ logo, which can be used for marketing and sales efforts. 


Faster time to market

Device drivers can be released asynchronously, and so can be submitted for certification at any time. IOVP is becoming the preferred vehicle for new hardware enablement for strategic OEM server vendors seeking to avoid long release cycles, and provides an effective way to update outdated in-box drivers.

Product Versions Supported

This package supports the following product versions:


6.5.x, 6.7.x, 7.0.x



VMware Ready Status

Eligible for VMware Ready logo

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Documentation and Reference

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