Developer Consulting

Access experienced VMware resources and support to bolster your team's development and certification, help accelerate your software development cycle, eliminate risk, and ensure project success.


Developer Consulting is a specialized team within VMware's engineering group that specializes in providing services that help VMware partners bring their complementary hardware and software products to market. VMware has the expert services your company needs to help you design, build, and implement products using VMware APIs, services, and SDKs.

Build and certify faster, saving time and resources. With VMware Developer Consulting, your development team gains access to experienced resources to both accelerate results and reduce risks across the entire software development life cycle. Through Developer Consutling, your team can take advantage of VMware's experience and global resources to help ensure a consistent and coordinated development effort in line with overall business initiatives.

Our experienced resources are available to your team with direct-from-the-source knowledge so that you can more quickly overcome roadblocks in designing, developing, testing, and certifying. This results in an accelerated, more streamlined software development. 

Key Benefits

  • Increase flexibility in software development lifecycle

  • Leverage subject matter experts for quicker resolution of development and certification related issues

  • Maximize the investment in VMware developer tools and technologies

Developer Consulting

Support for developers of all types of VMware solutions is available from Developer Consulting. Don't spend your valuable engineering resources trying to resolve issues on your own - get your support from the top experts who build the SDKs. VMware Developer Consulting offers ongoing service designed to help efficiently build, test, certify, and support quality software through the advice of our Development Consultants and the deep technical experience of global engineering teams from VMware. 

Through Developer Consulting, your team will gain Engineering Resources from VMware who have deep development expertise. There resources can provide strategic architectural advice and guidance, insight and planning around new technologies, provide sample code, and answer general development questions. By acting as your conduit into VMware, your Development Consultants will coordinate with VMware engineering teams and other resources to deliver broad technical services such as labs, workshops, code reviews, debugging, and optimization services. Your Development Consultants will also help manage and accelerate the escalation of support and certification issues to ensure efficient resolution.

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