Report on Cluster Capacity with Python


I have and existing PowerCli script that reports on a list of capacity value for every cluster in our vc. (Cluster Name, # Hosts in cluster, # CPU's, # of cores, Memory, Virtual on, virtual off, templates ,......... ) per cluster and write this daily to a MS SQL DB.

I'm trying to find and example of how to start the query on a per cluster base for all clusters in the connected vc.

I've managed to come right by using the samples in the pyvmomi sample for individual vm info but no luck on the per cluster base.



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vickyvision2020 4 yearsago
Hi Pinball,

Under "Solutions" section, click on link "Quickly Get vSphere Cluster Resource Usage capacity cpu mem storage" and then browse the code. As a reference, I had mistyped wrong URL
vickyvision2020 4 yearsago
The reason I have provided the Java Sample is: You can use the same API in python