vRO vCenter 6 Tagging plug-in


This is a plug-in to handle vCenter tags.

It works with leveraging vCenter 6 vAPI. vCenter 6 is the first vCenter version providing a public API for tagging. 

See the video to see what it can do.



The plug-in was generated using the Dynamic Types plug-in generator package  and can be extended with it. It leverages the vAPI REST API (not the vRO vAPI plug-in)

It can be used with vRealize Automation "Anything as a service" (For example attaching a tag to an object that would enable a given service).



If the package file name is not this one "com.vmware.coe.plugin.dynamictypes.vapi.rest.tag.package", rename the package.

  • Run "Plugin gen -1- Install plug-in" and select the downloaded package a sinput
  • Run "Add vAPI REST Host" and select a vCenter (6+)


Known limitations

The workflows are not checking if you attach a particular object type to a tag that has a parent category not supporting it.

The install workflow may fail to delete the resource element that were imported. It is not affecting the plug-in functionality but may affect a future upgrade. I have a bug opened about this with engineering. You can delete these resource elements with renaming them in the vCO client and deleting them.

Tested on vRO 6 / DT 1.0.1 / vCenter 6.0

Updated for fixing installation on vRO 7 and tested on vRO 7.2 / DT 1.2.0 / vCenter 6.5

Use at your own risk. I made this as a first step to learn how to use vAPI and provide native vCenter tag orchestration.

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