Swarm Sample Scripts

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Sample Swarm clusters scripts?

These are a set of sample scripts that are intended to illustrate how to properly use docker-machine in conjunction with a vSphere end-point

In particular, docker-machine officially supports a number of VMware drivers:

  • Fusion
  • vSphere
  • vCloud Air

The samples in this repo are specific to vSphere (albeit they will work with both Fusion and Virtualbox, because of the way they have been written)

When can these samples be useful?

I found the Docker documentation a bit lacking in terms of how to properly parametrize docker-machine when talking to vSphere. Particularly the differences between talking to vCenter and/or ESX standalone as well as the differences between deploying the docker hosts (swarm nodes) on the root of the cluster/host or in a Resource Pool.

The more sophisticated script (swarmcluster_consul.sh) includes examples of how you would need to set the variables / parameters to, depending on the deployment scenarios, using the vmwarevsphere driver.

Most likely these scripts won't be used as-is. Their primary intent is to better document the vmwarevsphere driver.


The scripts have been tested on a MacBook with Docker Toolbox 1.10 installed

Instructions and usage examples

Please edit each individual script and read the comments at the beginning for guidance

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