UAG Automation and Day 2 Operations

This script solution has been put together to provide a proof of concept and basis for automating UAG operations for Horizon deployments such as deploy and select day 2 operations.  Thus far the fatures of this script are for use with UAG 3.9.1+ and may depend on the feature being used specifically so please read the notes in the PS1 file.

The script is controlled by a 'master-uag-list.csv' file and provides the following features:

  • Deploy UAG appliances (Single or Per Horizon Pod)
  • Delete UAG appliances (Single or Per Horizon Pod)
  • Modify CSV credentials (vCenter, Root, Admin, role_monitoring) and keeps them in the CSV in encrypted form (All UAGs in CSV)
    • Uses a key per credential type
    • Creates a backup of CSV when each credential type is modified
  • Day 2 Operations
    • Update Root passwords on running UAG's (Per Horizon Pod)
    • Update Admin passwords on running UAG's (Per Horizon Pod)
    • Update role_monitoring passwords on running UAG's (Per Horizon Pod)
    • Update Quiesce mode on UAG's (Per Horizon Pod)
    • Update Certificates on UAG's (Per Horizon Pod)
  • Uses PowerShell transcript system to create a log file
  • Each UAG row entry in CSV can be skipped by setting 'Skipped' column to 1 or 0 to not skip it when operations are performed from the CSV to help provide more granular controls

The controlling of the script thru a CSV is to help mitigate the risk of erronously deleting UAG appliances in production and thus UAG's that can be automated or perform day 2 operations have to be configurted with a row per UAG in the CSV.

See notes in PowerShell script for specific feature details and miscellaneous information.

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jsilva 1 month ago
Updated to version 12.1 to fix an issue with the script deleting the 'master-uag-list.csv' file upon attempting to deploy UAG appliances. Please use version 12.1 which is published in GitHub to avoid that issue.