VMware Licenses usage dashboard


This dashboard was created as a workaround for a customer to report VMware licenses usage for their Management team. The count of licenses available was added manually and the usage of each of these licenses ( vSphere, vCenter instance , vRealize Suite and VSAN ) was identified by counting relevant CPU hosts and vCenter instances - utilizing the available metrics in vROps.

Follow the below steps for deploying this dashboard:

1.  This step is applicable for vRops 8.x ONLY. The Host system metric for number of CPU sockets is disabled by default in vRops 8.x

Edit all the relevant policies to enable below metric for object “Host system”

    All Metrics  - CPU – Number of CPU Sockets

  1. Extract the attachment for custom content to get 3 files :
    1. VMW licenses SM.json ( Super Metrics)
    2. VMW licenses view.xml ( Custom Views)
    3. VMW licenses DB.json ( custom dashboard


  1. Import the super metrics using the file “VMW licenses SM.json“ and enable in the relevant policies. Wait for 5-10 minutes to make sure that metrics are collecting data.


  1. Edit the 4 x Super metrics ( Count of vSphere licenses, Count of VC licenses, Count of VSAN licenses and Count of vRealize Suite licenses) to add the correct value of licenses available.


  1. Import the custom views using the file “VMW licenses view.xml”


  1. Import the licensing dashboard using the file “VMW licenses DB.json”


Note : This sample dashboard is built for vSphere, vRealize Suite, vCenter and VSAN dashboards. Similarly, you can report Horizon licenses ( would need Horizon Management pack ) with teh relevant metrics for connected Horizon users and also NSX licenses ( create a dynamic custom group to identify vSphere hosts with NSX).


Disclaimer: This is just a workaround to showcase licenses available and usage through vRealize operations super metrics and available metrics with manual inputs from vSphere admins and so should not be considered as a tool for auditing licenses consumption.

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