VM Troubleshooting Dashboard

The VM Troubleshooting dashboard helps you to save time for performance troubleshooting on specific VM. Also, you can easily get information about,

  • Configuration of VM,
  • VM's Peformance Details,
  • Active Alerts on Selected VM,
  • Capacity Time Remaining about CPU, Memory and Disk Space,
  • Capacity Remaining information from Most Constrained object perspective,
  • VM's Workload Pattern,
  • VM's Relationships with other object which will help if any other related object has performance issues,

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip VM Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations Manager.zip file. You should have 2 zip files,
  2. First import the VMs List with Created Dates View,
    1. Go to Dashboards --> Views --> Manage Views then Import the VMs List with Created Dates View,

  3. Then Import VM TroubleShooting Dashboard,
    1. Go to Dashboards --> Manage Dashboards then Import the VM Troubleshooting Dashboard,

  4. It will take 5-10 minutes to complete initial configuration of the VM Troubleshooting Dashboard then the Dashboard should look like below,


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Comments 3

4277740065 1 month ago
HI, failed to import into VRops 8.2
5157869302 5 days ago
Looks awesome tool. Does this work only on VROPS 8 ?
4656861863 4 days ago
FYI - The pictures dont load on web page