Auto sync Repo on Updates

Repo Update, is a Code Stream pipeline, that gets triggered, when you comit to your Github Repo, where your Blueprint, or ABX actions are. It syncs your repositories, so you won't have to wait for the 15 minutes timer, to happen. 

Repo Update

Code Stream pipeline, to auto sync Gitub repositories, in vRealize Automation Cloud, when a comit is made to that repo, instead of waiting 15 minutes for a schelduled sync to happen. ID



The following variables must be setup in code Stream

  • vra_api_token #Containing the VRA Api token to get the barer token
  • Github_Token #Containing your github token, for the Git trigger to work.

Pipeline Installation

  • Create the variables in Code Stream
  • Import the repo update.yml into codestream
  • Change tasks, so they matches your projects.
  • Find the ID for your sync tasks (Infrastructure -> Github -> Projects -> Your project) ID

Git trigger

  • Make sure you have setup a git Endpoint first, for the Repo you want to use.

  • Go to Git -> Webhooks for Git

  • Select New

  • Mine looks like this. The Secret token is gerated, from the UI. And for API token, i'm using my previus setup secret variable like this : ${var.Github_Token}

  • I have also setup a REGEX, containing .yaml, to only trigger whe i make changed to .yaml files. But it's up to you, if you want to do the same.

  • Pipeline is the importet Repo Update pipeline, from earlier.

If everyting is setup correct, then you will see, that everytime you do a comit, to your Github repo, and change .yaml files, then the sync will happen automaticly, and you won't have to wait for it to happen, like before.

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