Container Storage Interface driver for vSphere 6.x 7.x and OpenShift Container Platform 4.x


Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver for vSphere 6.x/7.x and OpenShift Container Platform 4.x

This repository provides scripts for deploying the vSphere CSI provider on an OCP environment. The driver in these files is 2.0.

You can read my complete blogs here:

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Please read the prerequisites from the documentation below.

To create the vCenter roles you can use this script; 

Edit csi-vsphere-for-OCP.conf with your environment details. Create a Kubernetes secret that will contain configuration details to connect to vSphere.

Command: oc create secret generic vsphere-config-secret --from-file=csi-vsphere-for-OCP.conf --namespace=kube-system

Create the necessary RBAC roles, service account and elevated privileges.

Command: oc create --from-file=vsphere-csi-controller-rbac-for-OCP.yaml

Install the vSphere CSI driver which is made up of a CSI Controller and CSI Node daemonset.

Command: oc create --from-file=vsphere-csi-controller-deployment-for-OCP.yaml
Command: oc create --from-file=vsphere-csi-node-ds-for-OCP.yaml


Official documentation for vSphere CSI Driver is available here:

vSphere CSI Driver Images


Source Manifests

The YAMLs in this repository are based on the manifests from the following locations;

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