Copy Persistent Disk

Script to migrate Horizon Persistent Disk data to a network share and then copy the data back after a migration from Persistent Disk.


Chris Halstead / Josh Spencer - VMware

Version 1.5

July 16, 2020


This script is designed to be run at logon and logoff both on a Persistent Disk pool and after the migration to Instant Clones.

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shayrulah 13 days ago
script copies user profiles, but it places all folders from users E:\ drives (persistent disk) in one place is there anyway to create folder for each user profile or we should run script only for one user ?
chrisdhalstead 12 days ago
it does create a folder for each user. It should be run with something like DEM to run under the context of each user - per user. It will detect a persistent disk, the copy all persistent disk data to a central location (folder for each user) and then copy back after they have been migrated off of the persistent disk. I need to add more instructions on the page and will do that this week.

The detailed details on usage are covered here: Modernizing VDI for a New Horizon | VMware