Multiple edge remote diagnostics

A Python script for performing one-off remote diagnostic actions (e.g. ARP table dumps, route table dumps, speed tests) to multiple edges, based on Will Roever's remote diagnostics client (here:

Writes HTML-formatted output to a file called 'remote_diags_edgeName_action_curentTime.html', which should be opened with a web browser.

The script is written in python3. Please read the disclaimer and notes inside the script. The same notes in Will's script above apply to this script. 

Some general caveats regarding usage the Live Mode API:

  • The current incarnation of the Live Mode API is intended primary to satisfy a narrow set of UI-driven workflows limited to one-off troubleshooting tasks and ad-hoc monitoring of individual Edges. We don't advise using the Live Mode API for any type of large (or medium)-scale automation (e.g. running it on cron or keeping multiple Edges in live mode persistently).
  • Remote diagnostics actions currently produce only HTML-formatted response data (i.e. your client, like this one, must be capable of parsing HTML if you wish to use this data for anything other than display).
  • Python script provided 'as-is', as an example on how to perform remote diagnostics actions via API.
  • The Live Mode API is on track to be deprecated in a future release and replaced with an API that is better suited for use cases involving more extensive client-side automation.

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