Automated vRealize Orchestrator Application Monitoring Agent Install for vRealize Automation

If you have both vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations, you have probably wanted to automate the installation of the Telegraf agent used by vRealize Operations for application monitoring.  Since agent lifecycle management was limited to the user interface, this was not possible … until vRealize Operations 8.1, that is.

With new APIs for lifecycle management of the Telegraf agent used by vRealize Operations Application Monitoring you can now automate the installation of the agent on new deployments, configure plugins and perform maintenance and upgrades on the agents.  Let’s explore these new APIs and then look at an example I have created to leverage Event Broker in vRealize Automation to install agents as part of a blueprint deployment.

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3288931691 1 year ago
Is it possible you can please share your "Parse Install Response" scriptable task?
diasj 1 year ago
Updated to include the actual workflow and fixed one action to remove hard coded vROps URL.
3288931691 1 year ago
Thank you! This is a great project!