Collect Gateway Monitoring Metrics via VCO API - Python

This is a sample script to collect gateway monitoring metrics through VCO API.

  • CPU percentage
  • Memory percentage
  • Tunnel Count
  • Flow count
  • Handoff Queue Drops

Please note this script requires operator privilege.The use cases are service provider partner gateway and on-prem gateway for enterprise, and NOT for Cloud Gateway.

Gateway pushes the metrics data to VCO every 5 min. And VCO stores the metrics in DB.

This script calls both “metrics/getGatewayStatusMetrics” and “metrics/getGatewayStatusSeries” for the specified VCG. The "metrics/getGatewayStatusMetrics" is the average / cumulative of individual data series from "metrics/getGatewayStatusSeries". 

Please run this script in the same directory with Orchestrator JSON-RPC API Client - Python), which can be donloaded from the link below.

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