Datastore and Datastore Cluster Capacity Overview

These two dashboards, partially based on OOB content, focus on Datastore Cluster and Datastore capacity. Both dashboards present an overview of the current usage and trends for the Datastores or Datastore Clusters. Additionally, some basic information regarding the top N consumers are in displayed.

Note: The "Datastore Cluster Capacity Overview" dashboard (and the related views) works only if there are any vSphere Datastore Clusters in the monitored environment. If there are no Datastore Cluster objects in vROps, this dashboard will remain empty.


Download and extract the file:

  1. Import vROps views file:
  • tkopton-Datastore Capacity
  • tkopton-Datastore Cluster Capacity
  • tkopton-Datastore Cluster Capacity Overview
  1. Import vROps dashboards file:
  • tkopton-Datastore Capacity Overview
  • tkopton-Datastore Cluster Capacity Overview





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