Super Metric to find Actual Recommended Memory for a Virtual Machine

While Right sizing VMs , vRealize Operations can provide recommended Memory to be increased or recommended Memory to be reduced , and the customer will need to use this value to manually add to or subtract from the provisioned Memory  to get the “Actual Recommended Memory”
To make it easier for my customer and to get this value within vRealize Operations itself , I  used below logic to create a super metric to get the “Actual Recommended Value of Memory in GB”
If the value of Recommended Memory to add  is equal to 0 ,
then Actual Recommended Memory = Provisioned memory – Recommended Memory to remove (as an Oversized VM ) ,
or else  Actual Recommended Memory = Provisioned Memory + Recommended Memory to add ( as an Undersized VM )
Above value will be calculated in KB as the Memory metrics used above are in KB and hence I convert this to GB  by dividing with  1048576
This works for vROps 7.x and vROps 8.0

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