vROps Dashboard - Alerts And Alarms Count


This dashboard provides a summary of the internal alerts and alarms database. When the count of records is too high, the performance of vROps can be impacted. This dahsboard provides a simple way to monitor the alerts and alarms count.

Sample Dashboard


  1. Import the view at Dashboards / Views / Import...
    Import View
  2. Click Browse... then select the file named Views - Alerts and Alarms Count.zip
  3. Import the dashboard at Dashboards / Actions / Manage Dashboards / Import Dashboards
    Import Dashboard
  4. Click Browse... then select the file named Dashboard - Alert and Alarms Count.zip
  5. The dashboard should now be available in in the dashboard list
    Dashboard List


This dashboard requires vRealize Operations Manager 7.x Advanced or Enterprise edition.

Please open an issue for feedback.

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