Workspace ONE Auto Tagging v1

This script tries to cover the missing capability of Workspace ONE UEM to create Smart/Assignment Groups based on Hardware Vendor or Chassis Type. These Smart Groups are then used to deploy Vendor-specific tools (like Dell Command Suite) or Device type-specific Software (eg. VPN Software to all Laptops).

I created and already used this script for different projects to solve this limitation. Please run it first with $allow_tagging = $false to check if everything is working fine, then you can set $allow_tagging = $true to actually start Auto-Tagging. Create a Scheduled Task to run the script, for example, every 5 minutes if you want to have permanent Auto-Tagging.

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AlexAskin 3 months ago
Many thanks to @JosueNegron for your plenty valuable Code Samples which made it easy to understand and learn how to interact with the WS1 REST API.