Workspace ONE UEM Shortcuts for Siri Shortcuts App

The following Shortcuts are for interacting with Workspace ONE UEM (formerly AirWatch) to: 

  • Report the version of Workspace ONE 
  • Look up and take actions on a device by serial number 
  • List all Organization Groups and showing details including number of devices, users, admins. 


Shortcuts app - Available in iOS 12+ 

WS1 Config - Central Config shortcut that prompts for User/Pass, API key, and server name which is used for the remainder of the Shortcuts

The following shortcuts will prompt you to select the WS1 Config shortcut

WS1 Device Lookup - Takes a serial number as input, shows some details of the device, then offers actions to complete (Query, Lock, Send Message, Clear Passcode, Reboot Device, Enterprise Wipe, and Full Wipe)

WS1 Version - Checks the current version of the Workspace ONE UEM Console. Can be activated by saying "Hey Siri, what AirWatch Version?"

WS1 Organization Groups - Lists all Organization Groups and tap on one to show details about that Group

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