vSAN Encrypted Cluster Status

This dashboard shows the encryption status for hosts, cache disks, and capacity disks for the selected vSAN encrypted cluster as a series of heatmaps to quickly identify objects that do not have encryption enabled. This dashboard requires the following three super metrics.

vSAN Host Encryption Status

vSAN Cache Disk Encryption Status

vSAN Capacity Disk Encryption Status


How to Install:

Download the above super metrics and import them in vRealize Operations 7.5+ Advanced or Enterprise by going to Administration -> Configuration -> Super Metrics -> Click the gear -> Import Super Metric. Once imported, edit each of the three super metrics to enable them in the appropriate vRealize Operations policy (for example default).

Download the dashboard and import it by clicking Dashboards -> Actions -> Manage Dashboards -> Click the gear -> Import Dashboards.

If your heatmaps don't display any data, make sure your super metrics are enabled in policy. This dashboard requires vRealize Operations 7.5+ Advanced or Enterprise.

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