Change the Profile Assigned to a VeloCloud Edge via the VCO API - Java

Based on Java client bindings generated with  Swagger-Codegen, and the API client implementation  here.

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2313091364 9 months ago
How do I download the jars for the import in this code?
I imported the swagger-codegen and vcloud-java-sdk-5.5.0 but this does not have those classes
wroever 11 days ago
The .jar referenced here was generated using Swagger-codegen and is not something VMware distributes or supports in any official capacity. The example and the client implementation linked in the description are provided as-is for the demonstration purposes. Please be advised that we've often found code-generated clients like this one (where JSON data is deserialized to statically-typed classes) to be more difficult to manage than lighter-weight clients (e.g. those that deserialize JSON data to maps/dicts) for various reasons: e.g. code-generated clients are sensitive to changes in the names of Swagger definitions, small inaccuracies in the Swagger documentation can result in deserialization failures or omission of data, etc.).