VeloCloud Orchestrator Remote Diagnostics Client

A Python script for performing one-off remote diagnostic actions (e.g. ARP table dumps, route table dumps, speed tests) on a VeloCloud Edge via the VCO Live Mode API. Writes HTML-formatted output to a file called diag.html, which should be opened with a web browser.

This script also implements a general-purpose VCO JSON-RPC client which may be of interest for various other applications.

This was written and tested with Python 2.7 but should be straightforward to adapt to Python 3.

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ghislainguay 4 months ago
Hi, I am fairly new to Velocloud and just came across this very handy python script. With my limited knowledge on development, any chance to have a sample of command to use with TEST_PARAMS? Like the ARP_DUMP and CLIENTS_DUMP is working very well. But for other TEST Option like ROUTES_DUMP, PATHS_DUMP, VPN_TEST, etc it seems to require params in JSON encoded format. But I tried few params format without success. It keep writtng in the diag.html : "Error reading data for test" or "<i><b>Error:</b> Invalid segment</i>". Thx.