The Return of NSX Load Balance Dashboard

This dashboard is the new version of the first dashboard available here. With much more resources using vRops 7.0 and the latest NSX management Pack for vRops.



1) vRops 7.0

2) NSX Management Pack


1) Uncompress the file attached and then you will have two folders: Custom Group and Dashboards

2) Inside the Custom Group folder, import the file: NSX Load Balancers.json ( Environment >> Custom Group )

3) Inside the Dashboard Folder, import the file: Dashboard-2019-01-15 04-25-49 (Dashboard >> Actions >> Manage Dashboard)

From the NSX Load Balance Dashboard, navigate to NSX Load Balance Metrics to check the health and performance of everything, including the VM that is serving the Edge. See below for more instructions.

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How to use this Dashboard

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