Script with Functions to Enable or Disable Large Cluster Support on vSAN 6.2 or Higher

After importing this script, the Set-VsanLargeClusterSupport function will be available to either enable or disable Large Cluster Support in vSAN 6.2 or higher, per KB 2110081 (

The Syntax to import the script is: Import-Module <path to>/LargeClusters.psm1

The PowerCLI instance must be connected to a vCenter Server and PowerCLI 10.0 or higher must be used.
This will work with either PowerShell or PowerShell Core.

The Syntax to use the Function is:
Set-VsanLargeClusterSupport -ClusterName "CLUSTERNAME" -LargeClusterSupport $true/$false -DataMigration "Full"/"EnsureAccessibility"

The -LargeClusterSupport parameter is $true or $false.
True to enable Large Cluster Support and False to disable Large Cluster Support

The -DataMigration parameter is used to either fully evacuate data (Full) or use ensure accessibility (EnsureAccessibility) when putting a vSAN host in Maintenance Mode.

The included RebootVsanNode function will check for any VM's on the node to be rebooted and move them with or without DRS, and regardless of DRS setting if it is enabled.

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