Search for the Unified Access Gateway Master Appliance


  • Author: Andreano Lanusse
  • Date Created: 11/04/2018
  • Supported Platforms: Unified Access Gateway 3.4 and above


This script search for the Master appliance in a given Unified Access Gateway Cluster, it leverage the Unified Access Gateway REST API to obtain the High Availability state of the appliance and identity the Master.


In order to execute this script successfully you need to:

  1. Unified Access Gateway Admin credentials
  2. List of FQDN or IP address (Management NIC) for the Unified Access Gateways appliances.

How to execute the script

Execute searchUAGMaster.ps1 using the following parameters:

  • -username - Username for the admin user authorized to login into the Appliances
  • -password - Password of the given username
  • -UAGAppliancesFQDNorIP - List of Unified Access Gateways FQDN or IP address used by the Management NIC, all separated by comma


  • 1 - The credentials that will be used to execute the script must be created in all the appliances.
  • 2 - You can mix and match FQDN and IP address on the same command line.


.\searchUAGMaster.ps1 -username admin -password 4jd9nf9fj -UAGAppliancesFQDNorIP,,,

.\searchUAGMaster.ps1 -username admin -password 4jd9nf9fj -UAGAppliancesFQDNorIP,,,

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