Bulk Change vRA Reservations for vRA VMs

This is workflow to change vRA Reservation for bulk vRA VMs where they moved to new compute cluster. This needs csv file input with below details...  

vmname cluster
usld9l02759 EAMPDCLABT9003
usld9l02951 EAMPDCLABT9004

vmname cluster

vmname01 NEWCLUSTER01

vmname02 NEWCLUSTER01

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AjayThomas1 6 months ago
Hello sjaganat16 ..... I get an error validating the workflow as the script called for the module ‘com.vmware.pso.vra.reservations‘ which is not available in my VRO. Where can I get the module/actions so that I can import into my VRO. Thanks in advance.
sjaganat16 6 months ago
@Ajay my apologies for the delay in response. I just updated as package and uploaded the content please check it up.