Using Import-VApp to upload OVA or OVF to VMware Cloud on AWS

This is a sample that uploads an OVA into VMware Cloud on AWS using the PowerCLI Import-VApp cmdlet. 


  • VPN established between your onPrem environment and the Management Compute Gateway (MGW) in VMC
  • Port 443 opened on the VMC Firewall for both destination Cloud vCenter Server and ESXi host (VC is for API connectivity and ESXi is for data transfer)

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GG81BDC 11 months ago
Hey - I'm trying this and I have issues with the "network". No matter which network segment I pick, I end up with this error: Import-VApp : 2019-01-31 16:31:16 Import-VApp "Network 'George-Test' is not accessible from host with id 'HostSystem-host-57'."

Any idea?