Monitoring Oracle WebLogic Servers with vRealize Operations Manager

You can monitor Oracle WebLogic Server using vR Ops. This helps you see the correlation between Application and Infrastructure. I���ve created 3 custom dashboards to jump start your effort.

First of all, the pre-requisites:

  1. vR Ops Enterprise edition.
  2. Weblogic Solution Installed
    1. Download here and see here how to install
    2. We support WebLogic 10.3 and above. These dashboards were made for 10.3. If you have a different version you need to update the metrics files.
  3. EP Ops Agent installed on each WebLogic servers that you want to monitor
    1. See here how to install
  4. Unzip the and import:

a) The  view:

b) The Dashboard: 


Read More to see detailed instructions


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