This is an example action demonstrating how to query a specific Microsoft SQL database within a supplied table for values only in a certain column. You can use this action to dynamically populate a drop-down list for a vRA request. It requires, as a prerequisite, that you have already added this database to your vRO configuration. If you have not done this, run the workflow at Library -> SQL -> Configuration -> Add a database.

The action has 3 inputs that must be supplied:

inputDB (name of the database as it is known to vRO)
inputTable (name of the table without the "dbo." portion)
inputColumn (name of the column within the table supplied above)

When calling this action from a vRA property definition, you must define each of these input parameters correctly in order for the script to retrieve the values you wish. Case matters, so verify you are spelling and using the correct case for each input you supply.

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