Rubrik SQL Agent

This software blueprint is designed to install the Rubrik SQL Agent on a Windows SQL server deployed from vRealize Automation. It downloads and installs the Rubrik Backup Agent on a SQL VM and adds it to Rubrik as a Windows host through the REST API. This software blueprint must be configured to run after SQL has been installed and is running, otherwise it will fail to add to Rubrik. Built and tested on Rubrik 3.0.1 with vRealize Automation 7.2. It will require a vRealize Automation Enterprise license as well as a separate blueprint for SQL Server. See my blueprint for SQL 2014 which can be used in tandem with this one.

After importing both the SQL 2014 and the Rubrik SQL Agent blueprints, inspect and edit the properties as required. The Rubrik SQL Agent has the following properties enabled.

Set the order of software components on your machine blueprint to allow SQL to complete first, followed by the Rubrik SQL Agent. In the request form, specify the SQL instance name.


After deployment, check the logs of both components for information on the installation and configuration stages.

Once the deployment finishes, check your Rubrik cluster and you should see the new system automatically added and ready for protection.

Special thanks to Chris Wahl and Ryan Hufstetler of Rubrik for providing code or assistance in creating this blueprint.

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